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Acupuncturist and NLP Practitioner

House Call Acupuncture

This is professional acupuncture, delivered onsite in the comfort of your own home or office.*

Dr. Scott’s extensive mobile clinic includes a full-sized massage table and everything necessary to provide you with a comfortable and effective treatment.

*This service is available if you are located within a 10-mile radius of Redwood City, CA 96061.

NLP Coaching

Your mind is a powerful tool. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the technology which allows people to harness the power of their minds to achieve extraordinary results.

Communicate more effectively, let go of fears and anxieties, quickly change habits, or untangle knotted emotions. The applications are virtually limitless.

When I experienced Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in August/September of 2017,  I received acupuncture treatments from Dr. Scott Whitfield and Dr. Sarah Piestrup as well as steroid injections and a tapered sixteen days of prednisone pills administered by an ENT specialist named Dr. Moir at Palo Alto Medical Foundation.  After two weeks my hearing started to return, and now, five weeks later, has returned to about 80 percent of what it was before the loss.

Dr. Whitfield got to me the very day my husband called him, and met us at my husband’s office.  He treated me there several days and at our home several other days, seeming very earnest about doing the best he could as soon as possible.  He was gentle and explained what he was doing clearly, answering my questions authoritatively in a way that set me at ease.

Gail, Redwood City, CA

I have had many acupuncture treatments for over 30 years. All of the practitioners I have have worked with have been very good to excellent. I’ve been fortunate that acupuncture works well for me and that every practitioner has been good at it — and then then there is my experience with Scott Whitfield. My experience of Scott’s proficiency requires me to create a new category: ‘Stellar!’ Scott demonstrates mastery of acupuncture again and again. His intellect and knowledge are intricately interwoven into a sacred union with his clear intuitive senses. In just moments he is able to apply the appropriate remedy with precision, every time.

Marushka, Redwood City, CA

I have known Scott for 11 years now. Not only do I respect him as my Doctoral program classmate and colleague, but would also like to share my experience of a great treatment from him yesterday. I rarely receive acupuncture treatments because I am sensitive to needles. Scott is very professional and listens to his patients. He started with heating therapy and cupping. Then he gave me an extended moxibustion treatment. He was very patient and stayed with me the whole time, which made me feel secure and comfortable. In particular, Scott is very skillful in needling techniques. He used Dr. Zhu’s method of scalp acupuncture on my head and Master Tung’s needling techniques on my extremities. Both were light and efficient. I have had shoulder pain and heaviness for a while, but after just one treatment it was relieved. The relief started almost immediately during the needle stimulation. This morning I woke up fresh and didn’t feel shoulder pain at all. It was a blessing to have Scott as my doctor. I definitely recommend that you and anyone you know who needs help to come to see him.

Sheng-wei, Berkeley, CA

I highly recommend Scott Whitfield. Working with Scott has been very easy during a time when my health has me anxious. He is very knowledgeable and presents what he knows in ways that I can understand. I am confident in his work and the treatments he provides make me feel better.

Scott, San Jose, CA

Blog Posts

Strange and Wonderful Experiences During Acupuncture

Strange and Wonderful Experiences During Acupuncture

Some of my patients have told me that they encountered “beings” while laying on the acupuncture treatment table, which are usually described as discarnate people. Sometimes the patient experiences the presence of animals or mythological creatures. The descriptions of their experiences are often very detailed. I will share some of them with you.

7 Strategies to Beat the Common Cold

7 Strategies to Beat the Common Cold

As a busy acupuncturist, I cannot afford to come down with a common cold. I have a lot of patients that rely on me to “bring it!” and help them with their own health problems. Therefore, I have developed some strategies to beat a common cold before it has a chance to really dig-in and take me out. Please allow me to share these strategies with you.

Support for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Support for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

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